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Journal, To Do Lists and Notes. Simplified.

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Writing your thoughts and feelings down is liberating. Helps alleviate anxiety, face fears, set goals, and feel more free. Daynote takes your privacy seriously.

  • Search previous entries
  • Yearly reminders happening on this day
  • Upload photos & more coming soon

To-Do Lists

Create lists and to do’s. Tick them off, shuffle them round, share with others or schedule them for a later date.

  • Schedule lists and to-do items
  • Shuffle between lists
  • Share with others


Record anything you’d like to remember for later. Wine lists, Books you want to read, products you want to buy, travel itineries. Anything.

  • Search all notes
  • Share notes with others
  • Schedule notes for a later date

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Mac, Windows, iOS, Android & Web